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For this example we used a EmbedSocial album posted on the EmbedSocial Facebook Page.





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Tools and Resources

Social media aggregator

In order to generate social media content and user-generated content, you will need to use a social media aggregator and embed content on any website.

Embed Facebook Feed

Learn all the methods on how you can automatically generate Facebook posts and embed Facebook social media feed on your website.

Embed Instagram Feed

Learn all the methods on how you can automatically generate Instagram content and embed Instagram social media feed on your website.


Embed Facebook Feed

Embed Instagram Feed





Instagram Link In Bio Tool

A simple feature that generates a unique link for your Instagram bio, which opens a clickable version of your Instagram feed, giving you options to customize the links on each photo in the feed.

Link In Bio Tool


Display your own URL in your Instagram bio to direct Instagram followers with clickable links to product pages or blog posts.


User-Generated Content

Obviously, UGC campaigns have shown to be a golden ticket in the digital marketing world due to their super-efficiency.


Instagram Story Templates for Business

8 Best Instagram Stories Apps for Marketers in 2021

We created this guide to show you how you can create branded content without the time-consuming process and doubts whether your new Story will resonate with your audience by using Instagram Stories templates.

Continue reading our findings below to learn why these tools showed us to be worth trying.

Instagram Story templates

Best Instagram Story apps

Instagram Marketing Tips for Small Businesses [2021 edition]

We have put together top Instagram marketing tips for different business sectors.

Instagram Marketing tips

How to Get Customer Feedback: The Ultimate Guide for 2021

In this blog post, we discuss why and when to create a customer feedback survey to further understand your customers’ needs. We also show you simple customer satisfaction survey examples that you can start using today.

Customer Feedback Guide

How to Run a Customer Satisfaction Survey: 5 Templates for SMEs

In this guide, we will break down 8 easy ways to collect customer feedback and encourage them to share their thoughts with you, along with some DO and DON’T you should have in mind.

Satisfaction survey Guide